Why does everyone hate Nickelback?

The band is one of the most commercially successful bands to come out of Canada, having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, so somebody must like them.

Tastebud.fm voted Nickelback as the number one musical turnoff in 2011, edging out Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

And in 2013, the readers of Rolling Stone magazine voted Nickelback the second worst band of the 1990s, after Creed.

I think there’s a certain element of bandwagon jumping. It’s cool to hate a band. It’s cool to hate Justin Bieber. It’s cool to hate Coldplay. Enough people dislike them so it’s kind of uncool NOT to hate them.

Call it critical mass.

It’s despite and because of their fame that people seem to think they are wide open for abuse.

Dislike “How you remind me” as much as you want, but as a song, its structure is pretty much perfect. I admit, I own the single.

There’s also the issue of people mistaking opinion for fact.

They appeared at a music festival in Portugal in 2007 and got booed and rocked off stage not long after they came on.

Why would you wait all day to boo and throw rocks at a band? Why not go and listen to a band you like?

So what is so bad about Nickelback? Sure, the singer had a bad mullet and goatee combo a few years back, but that shouldn’t matter, as it’s not about how they look. Additionally, I’ve never read anything controversial about them. They just seem like nice guys who play rock music.

Well, the obvious reason is that their music is “crap” according to many, or that they are too derivative in the music they create, sticking to the same radio rock formula time and time again.

Are they any worse than the Spice Girls? Or Texas? Where is the hatred for them?

I don’t know anyone who is a fan, yet they still sell millions of albums, and still sell out arenas around the world.

It can’t be because they’re Canadian. Everyone likes Canadians don’t they? You can blame his goatee all you want, but all those reasons are immaterial. If it’s not going to be Nickelback, it’ll be someone else.

But, to be honest. Usually if I don’t like a band, I prefer to just not listen to them.

If you didn’t like turnip, you wouldn’t eat if for dinner every other day would you?


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