A Happy New Year?

2014. Started off great. Pissing rain, and howling wind. In Liverpool. Liverpool seems to get a bad rep. Some of it is true. Most of it is lies. I won’t complain when you can get 5 pints and get change out of £10. At the same time, I wouldn’t be going into that pub again. It was called Smokie Mo’s. Rough and ready.

Some other boozers I frequented were The Beehive, The Midland, The Empire, O’Neills, O’Briens and some other rubbish ones I can’t remember the names of.

The year has started with howling gales and driving rain, enough to want to make anyone emigrate! Maybe the storms made the trip back to Australia easier for thousands who came home for the Christmas. I’d love to be coming home for Christmas from abroad. Lots of people moan about being abroad, but I always loved coming back for Christmas when I was abroad. That was a while ago now. Would I feel the same way again? Who knows? I may well have to move abroad this year, and if so, I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the idea of setting up shop in some other country. Where? Who knows! A toss up between the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, and Canada if I can get in.

I also came across a list of bands to watch in 2014. I listened to all of them, and none of them were any good or original sounding. I often wonder if music journalism is just 99% PR and marketing, and only 1% opinion. I’d usually disagree with the 1% opinion. There’s nothing much really original out there these days. Everything sounds like something that came before.

I came across a Dublin band of women recently, and they sound just like Warpaint, who also happen to be a band of ladies. Maybe it’s just impossible to truly sound original anymore?

I bet 1969 must have been a great time to be around. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and especially Jimi Hendrix. It all sounds dated now, but nothing came before them that sounded remotely close. Nothing. Everything that came after sounded a bit like them. You could throw the Beatles into that mix as well I suppose.

Am I cynical much? Yes. What else? Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is coming up, another money spinner for gullible eejits right after Christmas. Just as well I’m conveniently single then.

What else? Football. As in soccer. Too much money in it. The game is ruined and no longer beautiful.


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