Goodbye Facebook! For now…

I have deactivated my profile. I’ve had enough. I’ve wasted too much time on Facebook. Most of time reading about things that are of no use to me, or contributing to rubbish posts and threads. Or ranting. I’ve had a few rants on it over the last few years.

I was tempted to go all out and insult people left, right, and centre, but then thought it might not be the best idea in the world if I bump into them again in the real world.

I am not sure where to turn now. Should I give Twitter a chance? Lurk on Linkedin? Maybe Tumblr might be worth a try? They all seem the same to me.

You know when you discover a band and the more you delve into their back catalogue, you then come across this massive online community that you would never have known existed if you had not stumbled upon this band? Well, that’s the way I feel about something like Tumblr for example.

I only had my first proper poke around it last night, and am wondering why I haven’t used it before?

The problem with Facebook was it’s now taken over by ads, spam, and “friends” constantly posting rubbish. All the time. Then they tag me and try and get me to contribute and I end up wasting hours on rubbish.

There is a lot to be said for not being on it at all, but there are a few people I am friends with who I would rarely meet, or they are abroad, so Facebook is a good way to monitor what’s going on in their lives.

There are other people I need to delete off my friends list, as I’m not *really* friends with them in real life. Thing is, I know I’ll delete them and they will randomly spot it one day, and then I’ll bump into them in the real world, and they’ll ask why I deleted them off Facebook?

Maybe I should only keep a list of friends who I actually converse with in the real world. Then again, why would I want to be friends with them online if I meet them in the real world?

I got fed up of people “checking in” to places. They’re basically letting everyone they know in on what they are doing. It’s another way of saying “Hey! Look at me!”

I am also fed up of people posting up photos of their marvellous lives in foreign countries. I was thinking of posting up profiles of puke and poo just to piss these people off.

I’ll probably be back on it in a month or so, but I’m going to try and stay off it for a month for starters. If I feel good, I’ll try some other social network, and let people find me.

If there were better filtering options on Facebook, it would be good I suppose. Who knows what will become of it.

Word on the street is the kids are already done with Facebook. They found their parents trying to “friend” them online and suddenly realised it wasn’t such a cool place to hang out anymore.

So, for now, I’m foot loose and single and looking for a place to hang out away from the crowd?


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