Nothing like a good rant!

Watch this video. Watch the guy with the long hair. Watch it until the end.

Wouldn’t it be great to do that to someone? To a band? To a tv presenter talking shite, to a band playing rubbish music, to all the judges on The Voice of Ireland?

That’s Vincent Gallo by the way, the dude with the long hair and long face!

Well I felt like the guy at the end of the video when I was flicking through the Limerick Chronicle this morning. (Jan 8th for those who want to know).

I open up a page to find a “story” on a rugby player who sent a tweet to some chick who is spoken for. Said lady’s fella, who is a DJ, tweeted the rugby player back in a roundabout mildly threatening manner. What a load of bollox.

To make things even better, the article mentioned that the model has “yet to respond on a public platform”. Now, it could just be me, but only an ego seeking, attention seeking f*ckwit would reply on a “public platform”. Look at me!!! Here’s the irony with me ranting about it online. Nobody will ever read this anyhow, I’m only ranting to myself.

I didn’t check to see what unfortunate journalist was given the misfortune to have to write the article in question. People might know who the rugby player is. Bit of a flash harry. People definitely won’t know who the DJ or the “model” is. Unless you’re part of the clique of Limerick city. Apparently she’s part of a modelling agency run by a well known auld wan you’ll see on tv and in the paper all the time telling us how her week went. We should be so lucky to get an insight into her life!! Wow!!

The Limerick Chronicle never fails to feature her whenever it can. I think she might even have some sort of fashion article in there on a weekly basis, in amongst telling us about how great she is. The only bit of advice I can give to the “ladeeeeeezzzzzz” of Limerick who complain that they don’t look good is to not go out drinking every weekend, and to give up cigarettes. You might start to look better then.

Back to the clique. There’s nothing worse than cliques in small towns. Cliques in cities are bad too, but at least you’re in a city, not in a wee regional town on the Shannon estuary. Looking through some of the clique’s photos online, they don’t half love themselves. They love posing for pictures, letting everyone know where they are, and what they are doing. One big circle jerk!

I’ve interacted with a fair few of them. Harmless enough buggers.

Meh. What’s my point? I don’t have one.


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