Fender Telecaster Plus – custom build by Cogan Guitars

Howdee all,

So, I’m getting a guitar built by Conor Cogan of Cogan guitars. He’s based in County Meath, and I came across his posts on boards.ie a few years back with some samples of his work, and the fact he seemed to mainly deal with telecasters and the likes, I decided I’d get in touch. I like what I had seen. Check out his website for some pics of his work.

I started by buying a used Mexican telecaster. I was going to get it re routed, but in the end decided on a new body. I also decided I’d model it on a Fender Telecaster Plus, similar to that played by Jonny Greenwood in Radiohead. Gaz Coombes of Supergrass also played one for a while. It’s not going to be a 100% replica. I’m not going to have a killswitch, and the bridge is going to be different to the original one. The pic below is one of Jonny Greenwood’s guitars. His has been modded as well as far as I know.

An original telecaster plus

An original telecaster plus

The only things I had to buy were the pickups, a pickguard, and a few other small bits and bobs. The plan is to gut the Mexican telecaster and use the parts of it for the new one.

I also got lucky with the neck on the Mexican telecaster. It’s really nice, played in, and has steel frets, which is a bonus.

What I liked about the telecaster plus is the biting sound of the lace sensors, as well as the look. I could have bought high output regular tele sized pickups and fitted them, but I suppose I wanted to go all out. “In for a penny, in for a pound” as they say.

I bought the parts bit by bit, got stung with VAT on the pickups a few times, but it’ll be worth it!

Here are some progress photos Conor sent on to me. Update: See some pics of the finished product. Not bad eh? You can click on the pics to make them bigger if it takes your fancy.

DSC07295 DSC07317 DSC07319 DSC07324

DSC07325 DSC07326 DSC07327 DSC07328 DSC07329DSC07339 DSC07340 DSC07343 DSC07346 DSC07350IMG_0211IMG_0212IMG_0213IMG_0214IMG_0215IMG_0216IMG_0222IMG_0223

I swear, it’s going to be my last electric guitar purchase!


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