A short documentary on Out On A Limb Records

This is a short documentary I out together in April 2014 for the purposes of a college project.

It’s about Out On A Limb records, an independent record label based in Limerick, Ireland.

The aim was to keep the documentary under 15 minutes, which I just about managed to do.

I couldn’t include everything, which was a pity, but I hope you get a feel as to what the label is about, and how it started, as well as the challenges posed over the space of 10+ years.


Songs used throughout the documentary:

Giveamanakick – Ger Canning

Waiting Room – Message Received

Crayonsmith – Lost In The Forest

Peter Delaney – My Eyes Are Blessed

Hidden Highways – In Defence Of Magpies

Giveamanakick – Say No To Sports

Crayonsmith – Chrysalis

Windings – Something Outnumbered

Rest – Babylon, Constructing The Cosmos

Windings – Brain Fluid

People interviewed:

Steve Ryan – Windings/Giveamanakick

Ciaran Ryan – Out On A Limb

Richard Bourke – Out On A Limb

Alan Jacques – Journalist and presenter of Green and Live on Limerick’s Live 95FM

I also interviewed Tim Smyth of Hidden Highways, but alas, couldn’t use it. I had hoped to interview Albert Twomey, one of the label’s co founders, but time and logistics caught up with me.




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