Limerick City’s Urban Art Project

If you have been around Limerick city this year, you will surely have noticed some of the impressive murals and art popping up on random buildings around town.

The artwork has overhauled derelict sites as well as buildings that looked tatty and unkempt.

It’s part of the Limerick City of Culture, and I do think it’s a great thing for the city. It’s visual and instant. Using art to reinvent space. This can only be good.

The city centre has suffered during the recession, and there are too many boarded up shops and buildings. Something like this adds colour and life. I think it’s a great idea.

I think it’s also called “Draw Out”. It’s just a pity there isn’t more of it, and I could be wrong, but some of the suburbs could do with these types of drawings.

Tom Gehan put together an impressive video

There are one or two smaller pieces that appear in alleyways and on random doors that haven’t been included here, but if you take a walk around town you’ll come across some other ones.

For example, the yellow door beside Sean’s Bookshop on Little Catherine Street,and the luminous artwork in Foxes Bow.


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