Home and Hoziered

I read this morning that Hozier is straight in at number 2 in the US Billboard 200 chart with his self titled debut album.

Not bad. A lot of Irish bands who have been and gone have never managed to even get near the Billboard chart I’d imagine, not to mind tour the US of A.

His star is on the rise. One of the biggest crowds at this years Electric Picnic turned out to listen to his Bray lilt over the green fields of Laois.

I suppose those are the breaks you get with a powerful machine behind you. You get catapulted into places a DIY band could only dream of; Jools Holland, American tv shows, and the likes.

He still has to be good I suppose. He’s not my cup of tea. It’s just not the type of music I’m really into.

He reminds me too much of Van the Man, and I never liked Van the Man.

I don’t think Hozier sounds Irish. Not that he really has to. Maybe he just needs to be good and that’s that. He could be American, or Australian, or English. His production is slick.

There’s the Aiken connection as well. I read somewhere that he used to knock around with some one of the Aikens who passed the word on to THE Aiken, who caught hold of him at a young age.

They’ve been involved with him since, from record labels to gig promotion. This is the machine that sooner or later every musician needs if they want to crack the big time.

You can belt away and record your own album, but you need something to get you to the next level.

Recording at home saves on studio costs, but how do you get it from the bedroom to the Olympia? Well, it probably helps if you knock around with one of the Aikens, but the music still has to be good. You don’t just hand a bunch of shite to a heavy hitter and ask them to take it from there.


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