The 6 best live Italian bands according to Teatro degli Orrori. I haven’t included all 6!

It’s always a good thing to stumble upon new music. When it’s something unexpected, it often makes it all the sweeter. “How did I not hear about this before”, you more than likely think.

I follow some foreign language music blogs online, on the off chance something decent comes along and I can add it to the queue of music I need to get around to listening to.

I’m not one for lyrics, so the fact I don’t know what they’re singing about doesn’t really bother me.

As I spent some time in Italy long ago, I tend to keep an eye on what is happening there from time to time. They do a lot of pop music, and I don’t like it. But I don’t like pop music generally, so it’s not just because it’s Italian pop music.

It seems to be done slightly differently to what we would be used to in Ireland or in the English speaking pop world. Of course, Italian pop singers often release music in English, so it blurs the lines somewhat.

Anyway, I’ve been following rockit, an Italian music website and spotted a post recently called: “The 6 best live Italian bands according to Teatro degli Orrori.

Excellent, I thought to myself. I’ll be able to practice my language skills and get to discover some cool alternative rock bands. I know that Teatro degli Orrori are an alternative Italian band, but I don’t know any of their music. I could discover some cool band I hadn’t heard of before.

Well, let’s start with the band in the title. Here’s a live clip, seeing as they were the ones to give 6 suggestions of decent live bands from Italy.

They’re a noise rock band from Venice.

The first band they recommended was Storm{O}, a post-hardcore band. Not my thing, but it might be yours.



Uzeda was another band that appeared in the article. This is one of the bands that I am unsure as to how they slipped through the net. I was in Italy in 1999, so would have been following bands on and off since then. These guys are from Catania, and have been on the go since 1987. Steve albini has produced some of their albums, they’ve done a John Peel session and they are signed to Touch and Go Records, home to bands like Slint, Shellac, Henry Rollins and TV on the Radio. How cool is that?

I’m definitely going to check out their back catalogue.

Kabikoff. I’m not sure what to make of these guys. I think, because of the Italian lyrics, it takes a while to hook on to something. The guitar licks are pretty decent though.

Dead Elephant. It seems this band are no more, and all I can find is this soundcloud link:

Ok, now for some stoner doom rock. This stuff will blow your face off, and you don’t need to understand any Italian to get into it either. I think they sing in English anyway. The band is called Grime and they’re from the picturesque region of Trieste. Nice.

Contrary to popular belief, Italian music isn’t all crooning, or dance music, or euro pop, or Eros Ramazotti.

There are bands in Italy as good as anything you’ll see on a stage in Ireland, the UK, America or anywhere else. Some of these bands have been on stages in the UK, Europe, and America.

On that note, Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs is touring Europe early in 2016, and his support is none other than Manuel Agnelli. Agnelli sings with a band called Afterhours who have been around for quite a while in Italy. Both of them have worked with each other on and off over the years, and Afterhours have toured America a few times.

You can check out the Greg Dulli tour dates and get more information on Manuel Agnelli and his band, Afterhours band.

Afterhours have released albums in English as well, so I don’t know what Agnelli is going to sing in Ire/UK, but hopefully, I can pick up a vinyl or two at the gig, and have an “auld chat in eye-tal-yan” as the Irish would say.

Here is the link to the original article which appeared in rockit on October, 20th, 2015.


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