TTIP – December 2015. Where are we at?

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) seems to fly just under the radar of headline news in Ireland, or at least from what I can see this year. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

There has been plenty of coverage in specialist newspapers and magazines though, such as The Sunday Business Post and the likes. In fact, The Sunday Business Post had a very informative piece on TTIP at the end of October, but I have found it’s not something that comes up in general conversation. Again, feel free to correct me. It could just be me and the circle of people I would meet regularly.

If you follow any of our Irish MEPs online, they would have posted frequently on the pros and cons of TTIP for Ireland.

I’m on the fence over it. I’m not as well informed as I should be, therefore I’m not going to give an opinion based on a weak argument.

The arguments for TTIP are obvious: more jobs, more money, better links between Europe and America.

The arguments against are: threats to regulation that protect our health, environment and welfare.

There’s a really good beginner’s guide to TTIP over on the Corporate EU website.

In Ireland at least, Fine Gael MEPs are more or less for TTIP, and Independents as well as Sinn Fein MEPs would be more wary of it. Of course some Fine Gael MEPs would have their own reservations about certain aspects of it. I won’t go into each one of their opinions here, but they can be found easily on Twitter and Facebook. Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes seems to be one of the few who engages regularly with the media in order to keep people informed.

Luke Ming Flanagan is always arguing against TTIP online. In fact he seems to engage with the public almost exclusively via Twitter and Facebook.

There are plenty of articles written at this stage on the pros and cons of TTIP.

The European Parliament website is a great resource for information, news, videos, debates and press releases on TTIP.

It is also worth looking at videos on youtube, as well as independent operators in order to get a solid analysis that reads between the lines.

There is a monthly European Parliament recap show on RTE which is always on late on Sunday nights, or usually into Monday morning.

Who, in their right minds, is going to be awake at this hour if they have work on Monday morning. It’s a pity it’s not on midweek at a more suitable time. It could at least replace some of the tripe “comedy” shows RTE tries to churn out on midweek nights and inform the public rather than anger them.



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