I am a Savourer


Are you a savourer? Has anyone ever told you that they are a savourer? Do you know what a savourer is? What would you say to someone if they told you they were a savourer? What kind of thoughts would go through your head?

You can probably guess that it means “to savour”. I was always under the assumption that a general rule in journalism was to write articles using language you would use if you were speaking to a friend. Plain English in other words.

But there is a publication that is catering for savourers. It is aimed at savourers. Online, you are told that if you are a savourer, then this magazine is for you.

Who sits down and thinks of themselves as savourers? Smug people? Down to earth people? Joe soaps? John Does? Joe Bloggs? Alickadoos? Wankers?

But if you do think of yourself as a savourer, there’s a “luxury publication” out there for you. It’s full of beautiful pictures (semi naked men and women) and human interest articles. Only a savourer such as you would appreciate this, so perhaps this is why the whole thing is lost on me.

But if you’re living in Kilkee or Birr or Inis Siar or Waterville, then this magazine may not be for you. There probably aren’t many savourers in these rural villages and towns.

No, because said magazine has identified its readers. You “usually live in an urban area”, so if you’re in college in Dublin, then you might be in, as you’d be able to bring it back to the sticks on weekends in order to educate your friends and family.

To narrow things down even further, if you hang out in 4 and 5 star hotels, then it possibly is for you. But what if you’re from the Loop Head peninsula and hang out in 5 star hotels? I’m getting confused here, but again, it might be down to the fact I’m not a savourer.

If you’re a luxury traveler or a corporate client, then this is for you! You can look at high quality photos of semi naked people because this is what corporate clients want to look at. Maybe they do. I don’t but I’m not a corporate type, so I wouldn’t know.

I am probably missing the point, but maybe it’s because I don’t have a pot to piss in, nor am I a savourer.

I don’t hang out at 4 or 5 star hotels, so this publication can’t be for me.

I’ll be called a begrudging cranky bastard for this. I’m cranky for sure, but I’m not a begrudging bastard. I just can’t get my head around the language used to describe the publication.

To me, it reeks of attempted snobbery. “This is for people like us. You wouldn’t get it.” Correct. I don’t.



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