The New Nokia 3310

I can’t wait for the new Nokia 3310 to hit the Irish market. What did we do before smartphones to pass the time? We played snake on a Nokia or a similar type of brick phone, or if we got bored of that, we read books or newspapers, listened to the radio, wrote lists, or talked to each other.

Every day, I get a train or a bus to work. Heads down. Everyone. Engrossed. I’m guilty too. But what am I doing? Trolling? Scrolling through my Twitter feed, my Facebook feed, my Instagram feed. Wondering if I should be on some other social media profile in case I’m missing out on something?

If I could add up the amount of time I’ve spend on my phone which doesn’t involve speaking to someone, I’d say 80% of it is wasted time. All we have is time. The most precious gift of all.

We spend our commute to wherever staring at a screen. We spend our day at college or work staring at a screen. We spend our commute home staring at a screen. We watch tv following it online with a hashtag. Screens everywhere!

We go to gigs and can’t seem to just put the phone away and enjoy a live experience for 2 hours without having to tell everyone online how great it is, and then posting a crap live video of it online.

Maybe people will kick back and embrace the minimal unique selling points of this new Nokia. I possibly will. I’ll be able to send messages and make calls. That’ll do me. If I need to send mails, I’ll do it when I get home. Not having to charge a phone twice a day will be great too.

Here are some search trends on Nokia worldwide. Look at how they have dropped.


Look at how they have risen since they’ve announced the comeback:




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