The 12th of July in a United Ireland?

The glorious 12th. For some. For others, it’s seen as a “hatefest”, and a time when bigots can flex their sectarian muscle in the name of culture.

Burning tyres, pallets, effigies of republican politicians, alive and dead, and an assortment of flags around Northern Ireland/ the north. Whatever floats thon boat.

There are lots of marches too, and music, and parties. Most of the marches pass off peacefully. Some don’t.

I don’t really care, as I’m far removed from it all.

From what I can see, it’s a display of what being loyalist and British in Northern Ireland is about, (as opposed to unionist), but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

We have been reminded by the Sinn Fein and others, that in a united Ireland, all cultures would be protected, and unionists would have nothing to fear.

In fact, Gerry Adams recently said that nationalists and republicans would need to adopt a new approach to convince unionists of the merits of uniting Ireland.

If they’re unionists, they’ll never agree to a united Ireland, unless it’s part of the United Kingdom…

Well, what about the 12th of July in a united Ireland? In a united Ireland, would unionists and loyalists no longer be unionists and loyalists? How would they express their Britishness in a united Ireland? What would be the point of expressing your Britishness in a united Ireland as you’d no longer be in Britain.

They’d march maybe to celebrate being in the Orange Order and all that entails, but over time, would they hoist the union flag or a new flag of a united Ireland every year?

Is the 12th about celebrating being British or Protestant? Could proud Protestants from Tralee march in Belfast with a County Kerry flag? If not, why not?

How come the parades at Rossnowlagh are ignored by most of the rest of Ireland? Could this be a sign of things to come in an imaginary united Ireland?


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