Abortion Referendum – Ireland

Tomorrow, May 25th, Ireland will vote to repeal the 8th amendment on abortion. Well, officially, it’s started today, as the islands get to vote first. It’s black and white for me anyway.

It’s a joke that there is a referendum in the first place. It’s a bit sad that we have to vote on a human right (in my opinion), that we have to vote to decide what women can do with THEIR OWN bodies.

What does the European Union have to officialy say about this? Why can’t they say that Ireland (and Malta) have to get in line with the rest of the EU concerning basic human rights? Legally, could they comment on it?

62% of people in Ireland voted in favour of same sex marriage a few years ago. 37% voted against. Still a fairly big percentage. It was a joke that we had to have a referendum on this in the first place. That we had to debate it, and we celebrated as if we were some fantastic liberal utopia.

Our divorce referendum only succeeded by 9,000 votes in the 1990s. Another thing that shouldn’t have been debated in the first place.

Cora Sherlock, of Love Both, this morning on Newstalk said that people on the doorsteps were telling her that they were afraid we’d “end up like Britain”. So it’s better to remain as we are?


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